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Studio Update – Ashley Payne

I’ve been hard at work on this new song.  The idea started as a whimsical challenge: I wanted to arrange as song in such a way that it would fit with hit songs of the late 60s-early 70s.  (like Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit).  I was primarily interested in the instrumentation and recording techniques.  The basic architecture of the song has been worked out.  I’m currently practicing the guitars and vocals.  Both Yang and The Purple Master have prominent roles.  There’s some sitar written in to give it that psychadelic touch.  I’m having a good time pulling it together…probably spending too much time in the studio!

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Yang – my Fender Sratocaster Guitar
The Purple Master – my Ibanez Roadstar II Bass







Studio Update – Behind Blast Defenses

This song is progressing nicely.  The arrangement is settling down at around 5:05 min long.  I’m trying to create a ‘split’ song feel that flips between a dark brooding groove and a bright poppy chorus.  It’ s looking like it will be guitar heavy; two layered rhythm guitars and probably a harder solo part.  No live bass this time.  I am currently spending most of my time rehearsing vocals and guitar.  Yang has been sounding awesome.  I’m excited to get some more vocals recorded soon.  I’ve only ever recorded a test version of the first verse and chorus.

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Studio Update – Behind Blast Defenses

During the weeks spent finalizing The Richest Man, I started playing around with a new song.  I had been suffering an itch to work with a less standard drum kit and ended up developing a short groove which turned into a draft song.  Still very skeletal.  The arrangement has not quite reached three minutes yet.  I’m hooked on the synth bass.  I’ve spent the last week playing Xeelee a ton.  It has been too long my friend.

My Les Paul Studio Guitar
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