Baring Lake

Baring Lake Cover


You can turn the dial
that times the lights
above the tennis courts
And I will brush the bench
of all that autumn threw overboard

A tour of Baring Lake
for old times sake
was what I said
But what I meant was could I spend some time
in an old place with an old friend

You will want to speak
and I will want to speak
as we sit in the silence
Until a train that runs through town
echoes down to remind us

The road to Baring Lake
so much at stake
along the water’s edge
You made me into something you were not
and now we’re nothing like what we expected

Lost inside a memory
of when you and I conquered everything
It was you that ran the world
with banners unfurled and advancing

A return to Baring Lake
maybe mistake
maybe discovery
Either way we’ll know
that nothing unresolved
remains between us now

If you want I’ll begin
with how everything
that you ever wanted for me
Just worked out in the end
as I lived out all the lessons you taught

But it’s when you had put away
the teacher that you had become
just to better me
It’s when all of the lessons were done
you were more like a stranger than family

And when the lights timed out
there was no doubt
that we were separately leaving
A pair of saddened smiles
aglow by the moon while absorbing meaning

Farewell to Baring Lake
a message gave
a night remembering
The winters on the Glen
if we could go back again
always together


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