The Reluctant Cannonball

Currently in progress.  My goal is for a 2018 release.  Songs so far: Sandstone Fossil Fear, Baring Lake, It Sounds of the Winter, The Richest Man, Behind Blast Defenses, Ashley Payne, Puzzled by Tricks and Lies…and others.

In progress album by The Jason Fables
In progress album by The Jason Fables

Be Your Own Myth

Released in early 2015, this album is an eclectic indie pop/rock music collection.  The album’s concept is one of exploration; transporting the listener from one song to the next on a sonic-Homeric journey.   Featured songs: We Didn’t Do It Alone and Lighter Than The Things Around Me.

Album by The Jason Fables
Published album by The Jason Fables

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Be Your Own Myth album booklet


Completed in 2000.  The album is a strange psychedelic journey through the mind of the author; complete with half-thoughts, day dreams, and rabbit holes.  Raw and undaunted, it is a powerhouse concept album.  Featured songs: Nervous Tension, The Little Places and The Archer’s Daughters.

512 Cover
Unpublished album by The Jason Fables


Representing songs from 1993-1997, this album never made it past the demo stage.  It has a strong pop-forward presence with a wide variety of flavors.  Featured songs: Phobiac, Sandstone Fossil Fear and Signing the Scripture.

Gyroscope Cover - The Jason Fables
Unpublished album by The Jason Fables

Globe Me

Completed in 1993, this album was a synthesizer-driven pop explosion.  The bright and colorful album brings the listener along on a sci-fi journey, soaring from audio-planet to audio-planet.  Featured songs: Down Here, A Stable Childhood and New Sea.

Globe Me Cover - The Jason Fables
Unpublished album by The Jason Fables

The Progressive Sidestep

Completed in 1990, this was the first collection of songs assembled into an album format.  Primitive and technologically limited, it represents a faraway glimpse into the young untrained mind of the author.  Featured songs: The Rapture, Man Won’t Dance and Seeing Blue.

The Progressive Sidestep
Unpublished album by The Jason Fables


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