Studio Update – Behind Blast Defenses

During the weeks spent finalizing The Richest Man, I started playing around with a new song.  I had been suffering an itch to work with a less standard drum kit and ended up developing a short groove which turned into a draft song.  Still very skeletal.  The arrangement has not quite reached three minutes yet.  I’m hooked on the synth bass.  I’ve spent the last week playing Xeelee a ton.  It has been too long my friend.

My Les Paul Studio Guitar
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Studio Update – The Richest Man

The Richest Man Cover

Productivity has been terrible.  I’ve been playing around with different configurations of vocal harmonies; very uninspired so far.  The overall mix is too quiet and washed out in too much compression.  It will take a thousand more adjustments to get it right.  In the meantime, I’ve been trying to decide just what song will be the next focus.  Brass Tacks is the most likely; it currently consists of an introductory groove with background vocals and a harder-sounding verse with vocals.  I recently listened to Miles by Now, which is a strange little partial song written a year or so ago.  The arrangement is already a third completed.    It wouldn’t take a huge effort to push that forward.  If only I had twenty more hours per week.

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Studio Update – The Richest Man

The Richest Man Cover

Disappointing week.  I’ve been struggling with the background vocals.  I just can’t seem to find a way to add them without sacrificing some other element in the song.  The plan now is to scale back the number of harmony parts, limiting them to just the chorus and bridges.  A few days ago I captured another round of lead vocal takes which I’m tentatively calling final.  They’re good; strong presence, good enunciation.  I’ll end up editing them a thousand more times before I’m done, but I don’t expect to need any further recordings.  This song keeps growing on me.  I’m excited to have it nearing completion.

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