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Studio Update – Phobiac

I’m down to the last three songs before The Reluctant Cannonball is complete; Phobiac, The Cannonball and One By One.  I’m furthest along with Phobiac.  It isn’t a complicated song, but it will require a high degree of precision.  The last few weeks have been spent rehearsing the guitars.  Man, do I love this bass line.  Go Purple Master!  The other two songs are still in the composing stages.  The Cannonball is intended to be a quirky weird song that will open the album, similar in function to The Circular Disk of the Earth, or Technical Difficulties.  One by One is a very old song that I’ve never recorded.  I’ve been using it as a warm up exercise for guitar, especially acoustic, for ten to fifteen years.  The song was an attempt to intentionally write a very dark, sad song.  Recently, I added some percussion and synth.  It was really odd to hear this song in another format other than live guitar/vocals.  Exciting.

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Studio Update – Ashley Payne

I’ve been hard at work on this new song.  The idea started as a whimsical challenge: I wanted to arrange as song in such a way that it would fit with hit songs of the late 60s-early 70s.  (like Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit).  I was primarily interested in the instrumentation and recording techniques.  The basic architecture of the song has been worked out.  I’m currently practicing the guitars and vocals.  Both Yang and The Purple Master have prominent roles.  There’s some sitar written in to give it that psychadelic touch.  I’m having a good time pulling it together…probably spending too much time in the studio!

Please help me out by letting people know about The Jason Fables music.


Yang – my Fender Sratocaster Guitar
The Purple Master – my Ibanez Roadstar II Bass







Studio Update – The Richest Man

The last week was spent developing the bass line.  I’m using my go-to bass, The Purple Master, an Ibanez Roadstar II from the 1980s.  The trick here is to add a richer low end without stepping on the synth pad in the background.  The true character of this song is based around that synth.  I’m planning on recording the bass today, which would make it the first of the final takes.

My Ibanez Roadstar II Bass
My Ibanez Roadstar II Bass

Studio Update – It Sounds of the Winter

It Sounds of the Winter Cove

Great weekend.  The brass instrument I chose for the bridge solo was a saxaphone.  I got it out of the Kontakt factory library.  Amazingly expressive.  Final bass guitar recorded as well.  Using my good old Ibanez; aptly named The Purple Master.  A few minutes ago I recorded 10 takes of acoustic guitar.  They might end up being the final versions.  Won’t know until I roll up the sleeves and start editing.

The Purple Master
The Purple Master