Studio Update – Behind Blast Defenses

This song is progressing nicely.  The arrangement is settling down at around 5:05 min long.  I’m trying to create a ‘split’ song feel that flips between a dark brooding groove and a bright poppy chorus.  It’ s looking like it will be guitar heavy; two layered rhythm guitars and probably a harder solo part.  No live bass this time.  I am currently spending most of my time rehearsing vocals and guitar.  Yang has been sounding awesome.  I’m excited to get some more vocals recorded soon.  I’ve only ever recorded a test version of the first verse and chorus.

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Studio Update – Behind Blast Defenses

During the weeks spent finalizing The Richest Man, I started playing around with a new song.  I had been suffering an itch to work with a less standard drum kit and ended up developing a short groove which turned into a draft song.  Still very skeletal.  The arrangement has not quite reached three minutes yet.  I’m hooked on the synth bass.  I’ve spent the last week playing Xeelee a ton.  It has been too long my friend.

My Les Paul Studio Guitar
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