Studio Update – The Reluctant Cannonball

I’ve been out of communication for quite a while now, tied up by…Life…and Death.  And still, despite all the challenges, progress and success with the album.  My 4 year saga.  So, to the update: Phobiac is done (more info soon), One By One is entering the final mastering sessions, and The Cannonball is fully recorded and in the early mixing stage.  The album is assembled; complete with my usual ‘continuous play’ additions between the songs.  The iTunes digital booklet is done.  Lots of website updates ahead.  Here is the final song order:

  1. The Cannonball
  2. It Sounds of the Winter
  3. Behind Blast Defenses
  4. Baring Lake
  5. Puzzled by Tricks and Lies
  6. Angry Tank Maneuvers
  7. Phobiac
  8. Ashley Payne
  9. The Richest Man
  10. Sandstone Fossil Fear
  11. One By One


Studio Update – Phobiac

I’m down to the last three songs before The Reluctant Cannonball is complete; Phobiac, The Cannonball and One By One.  I’m furthest along with Phobiac.  It isn’t a complicated song, but it will require a high degree of precision.  The last few weeks have been spent rehearsing the guitars.  Man, do I love this bass line.  Go Purple Master!  The other two songs are still in the composing stages.  The Cannonball is intended to be a quirky weird song that will open the album, similar in function to The Circular Disk of the Earth, or Technical Difficulties.  One by One is a very old song that I’ve never recorded.  I’ve been using it as a warm up exercise for guitar, especially acoustic, for ten to fifteen years.  The song was an attempt to intentionally write a very dark, sad song.  Recently, I added some percussion and synth.  It was really odd to hear this song in another format other than live guitar/vocals.  Exciting.

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