Studio Update – Signing Your Scripture

Gyroscope Cover

This song was originally written for my second album, Gyroscope, in the late-nineties.  I have begun re-constructing the background elements in preparation of recording new audio tracks.  I’ve always loved the silky nature of this humble song.  This will be the second track from Gyroscope that I’m re-recording, the first being Sandstone Fossil Fear.  So far, I have most of the percussion components in place through the first third of the song.  The scope of the project is both intimidating and exhilarating.

Studio Update – It Sounds of the Winter

It Sounds of the Winter Cove

The video is crawling along at a steady pace.  Probably 50% done.  It’s coming out well.  Done in a similar style as Sandstone Fossil Fear and Baring Lake, I suppose.  Very time consuming.  I’ve had to stop all work on The Richest Man and other projects.  The audio recording of ‘Winter is rounding out nicely.  The lead vocal has a weird blown-out-reverb effect that I’m lovin’.  It will take another week or so to complete.