Studio Update – Behind Blast Defenses

During the weeks spent finalizing The Richest Man, I started playing around with a new song.  I had been suffering an itch to work with a less standard drum kit and ended up developing a short groove which turned into a draft song.  Still very skeletal.  The arrangement has not quite reached three minutes yet.  I’m hooked on the synth bass.  I’ve spent the last week playing Xeelee a ton.  It has been too long my friend.

My Les Paul Studio Guitar
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Studio Update – It Sounds of the Winter

It Sounds of the Winter Cove

04/08/16 — rounded out the general arrangement through the end of the song yesterday.  I need one more instrument to solo during a long bridge section.  Considering some type of brass.  Gearing up for some final recordings this weekend.

04/05/16 — came up with a killer guitar part to feature in the last third of the song.  Tough to play.  I’m using my Les Paul, named Xeelee, for this one.   “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”, Ringo.

My Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar

04/03/16 — I’ve been making great progress on this song.  Around 50% complete.  Very excited about the developing background vocals and organ part.