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Studio Update – Puzzled By Tricks and Lies

I’m well into this song.  What began as an attempt to create a quiet song has twisted into having more of a jazz club sound.  The chorus asks; “If I swapped a copy of you, 1-for-1 with everyone in the world,  would it be a better place?  Or would it all crumble and decay?”  The bass guitar is a fantastic digital emulator (Halion Sonic SE) of an upright.  I’m in love.  This last weekend I recorded a final version of the lead guitar (Yang).  I’m super excited by the song’s smooth groove.  Great atmosphere.  I need to fill in the background vocals in the chorus, but have very little else to record.  I’m hoping to get into post-production soon.  Side note: I’ve taken a few steps towards re-recording the song Phobiac (from the album, “Gyroscope“).  I had planned to work on Signing The Scripture, but am too intimidated by the scope of work it would take.

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