Studio Update – Ashley Payne

I’ve been hard at work on this new song.  The idea started as a whimsical challenge: I wanted to arrange as song in such a way that it would fit with hit songs of the late 60s-early 70s.  (like Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit).  I was primarily interested in the instrumentation and recording techniques.  The basic architecture of the song has been worked out.  I’m currently practicing the guitars and vocals.  Both Yang and The Purple Master have prominent roles.  There’s some sitar written in to give it that psychadelic touch.  I’m having a good time pulling it together…probably spending too much time in the studio!

Please help me out by letting people know about The Jason Fables music.


Yang – my Fender Sratocaster Guitar
The Purple Master – my Ibanez Roadstar II Bass







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