Studio Update – Phobiac

I’m down to the last three songs before The Reluctant Cannonball is complete; Phobiac, The Cannonball and One By One.  I’m furthest along with Phobiac.  It isn’t a complicated song, but it will require a high degree of precision.  The last few weeks have been spent rehearsing the guitars.  Man, do I love this bass line.  Go Purple Master!  The other two songs are still in the composing stages.  The Cannonball is intended to be a quirky weird song that will open the album, similar in function to The Circular Disk of the Earth, or Technical Difficulties.  One by One is a very old song that I’ve never recorded.  I’ve been using it as a warm up exercise for guitar, especially acoustic, for ten to fifteen years.  The song was an attempt to intentionally write a very dark, sad song.  Recently, I added some percussion and synth.  It was really odd to hear this song in another format other than live guitar/vocals.  Exciting.

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